WP Backup Plus | Full Automated Wordpress Backup
Protect, Clone and Automate Full Site Backup in minutes!
  • "After installing this plugin, I did a first-time backup and then "cloned" everything to a new site in about...oh...2 minutes!" - Edgar Allen
    "I'm buying this and requesting a refund from WP Twin.I like the other guys, but...what I really like about WP Backup+ is the "easy" part." - Tom Simon
    "One area lacking in my web site strategy has always been securing my sites should tragedy strike. Now I can deploy WP Backup Plus to all of my sites and not ever have to think about my websites security again. I give this a five star rating." - Glory Hougham
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Developer's License (One time payment of $197)
WP Backup+ Automatic Backup (Developers)
What you get immediately:
  • The WP Backup Plus Plugin
  • Video Instruction to Backup, Restore, & Clone
  • Free Life-Time Updates
  • Access To Our Talented Technical Saavy Support Team & Programmers